Thursday, April 8, 2010


In my "Pictures" folder you can find many many different folders. I've got anything from "blog", to "Me", to "misc". But the pictures I am going to share today are from my "Easter weekend" folder. We don't usually have as much time for many activities that weekend, but this year was different. Everyone was home, no one had to work, and of course no school.
We started the weekend off on Friday. Before supper, my husband got the supplies ready to dye eggs. It was a surprise to Brianna. She had a blast.

This little guy was a little worried as to his fate.

Then after supper, Brianna talked us into taking her to putt putt golf. Of course being the way I am, I wanted to take along a camera. I've been in the mode of capturing all the little things lately. All the things we seem to lose track of and forget over time. But this time, I just wanted to capture the moments without all the bulk of my DSLR. So I took Brianna's small point and shoot camera.

We had a real close game, but in the end Stephen won. Of course! Who else would win? I gave him a pretty good fight, but I just couldn't come away with the win. I WILL win some day...some day. Before we left though, we stopped off at the driving range. Now the fact that the last time I attempted to hit a golf ball off a tee was in high school, I was pretty nervous. We had to hit a bucket of balls in gym class, and short story took me quite a long time to get through said bucket. Misses all over the place!! But I can proudly say I didn't do too bad. I have no real proof since the video that Stephen took of me is of a miss. *facepalm* Anyway.............

So now we're on to Saturday. This was the day that our church had an "All Around Easter" celebration for the kids. There were different stations that all the kids visited to learn all about the days leading up to Easter, and then for Easter day. There were several different activities, with an Easter egg hunt to finish with.

They started off with crafts. I loved all the colors left in the aftermath :)

And they're off.

Here's Brianna with two old neighbors of ours. We noticed that all of them having such different hair colors, all have the same freckles across their cheeks and noses. Too cute!

So now we're finally up to Easter day. The day always starts off with Brianna doing a hunt all around the house for the gifts the Easter Bunny left for her. He started this tradition when we were stationed in Washington state. Most likely because it was one of the many rainy days there. The very first time, he borrowed an idea from a popular kids show, Blue's Clues. He left his bunny paw prints all over the house where he had left gifts for her. As her education level gets higher, so does his clues. This year she had a multiplication worksheet to complete. The sheet said : "Below are some math problems. To find your gifts, answer them correctly and find the answers around the house. Make sure you get the correct answer, or you may not find what I have left for you. Good Luck!"

So after completing the sheet, she had to locate the correct answers around the house. There were numbers taped to the stove, bookcases, ottomans, couches, and so on. Here are some of the pics.

After church we took some pictures on the front porch before Brianna was let loose in the house, to find all the Easter eggs the bunny left all around.

Even Tucker was curious to know what was inside the eggs ;)
Hope you all had a great Easter! I know we had a great weekend that we won't soon forget.

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