Monday, November 22, 2010

update and ----- Happy Thanksgiving

Not that I've been a very well scheduled blogger, but it's been some time since I last blogged. And unfortunately I can't really say that I've been so super busy. As a matter of fact, it's been the opposite. With the husband at work, and the child at's left Mom at home alone with not a whole lot to do. And who really wants to blog about being bored? Really?

Soon I won't be able to claim boredom. In a couple days, we are embarking on a 19 hour road trip to visit my dad and step-mom in beautiful southern Indiana. I fear that I'll be too late for the fall foliage I have been missing, but seeing family will more than make up for that.

As a matter of fact, my step-sister is due to have her first baby girl some time soon!! I'm so excited at the thought of possibly getting to see her. We're going to do everything possible to put her into labor while we're Even more family to see..and of course photograph.

Oh and as if Thanksgiving and the possibility of a birth, my niece turns 12 on Thanksgiving day as well. oh wait there's more....they are also expecting a couple litters of newborn miniature schnauzers around that time as well!! Woah..that's a lot of birth and birthdays all wrapped up in one little span of time. (In case you are a new dad and step-mom breed miniature schnauzers.)

While I say that I've been bored for most of the time, I did have a few moments of enjoyment making a few gifts to take with us, for the new baby, the bday girl, and her sister.

Here are my latest projects:

for the baby...a couple custom onesies
"my aunt think I'm cute as a (sewn on button)"

L is for Lanise
and a close up of the design just cause I like it so much ;)

a hand painted princess jewelry chest

And here are a couple other projects that don't really
fit in the Thanksgiving/road trip grouping..but I'm just too
lazy to add them to their own post. Hey....just being

a hooded sweatshirt for my daughter's school

a keychain made using a beer bottle cap and Mod Podge Dimensional Magic
(it's was a gift for my neighbor to give to her new husband for his bday.
the pic is one I took at their wedding)

Who knows, I may come back and share more details on a couple of the above projects. I'm just not makin' any promises. Capeesh? ;)

PS. I forgot to mention that the background in the baby gifts pictures is actually a blanket I made for the baby as well. It's the cutest brown and pink damask fleece. Backed with chocolate brown fleece, I made her her very own tied fleece blanket. I warned my sister that I didn't really want to part with any of the baby stuff, but have no real reason to keep it hostage.
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