Sunday, April 25, 2010

My weekend

For the past couple months, our weekends have started off with early morning soccer games each Saturday. Whether they be a mile down the road, 30 min across town, or at the farthest destination, an hour away. This weekend, it was a little different. Brianna and I got to go watch the games of a couple of our friends. A brother and sister. It was so cute to see all the younger players. The beginning of the love for soccer.
So then later, we invited some friends over to play some cards. Not just any card game....Phase 10. Of course we never start the game as soon as everyone arrives. The women sit and talk about babies and women stuff. And the guys go outside and talk about work, grilling...... guy stuff. And then a couple hours later, we finally sit down at the table to start playing. With any other game, that wouldn't be such a big deal. But with Phase just means a long So long that we didn't even finish. But we DID have a fun time.
Here's Brianna with one of our friend's kid. They were attached at the hip pretty much the whole night. She is going to grow up to be a great!
After finally giving up on the Phase 10 game at around 11:00 pm, we slept in this morning. We've been trying to get back into the weekly habit of going to church. We get a lot out of going, but we needed the sleep a little more this morning unfortunately. Although, once getting out of bed this morning, I don't think I could have physically made it through the hour service. My back and neck were so sore that I sat on a heating pad most of the morning. The kind of pain that radiates.

Thankfully the day wasn't a complete waste. I decided to try my hand at grooming for the second time. We have a 8 month old miniature schnauzer puppy, Tucker.

The very first picture we had seen of him!
(Pause for a small back story....My dad and step-mother breed miniature schnauzers at their house in Salem, Indiana.  They had contacted us last year to ask if they could give Brianna her first puppy. Of course we said yes. Who could refuse THAT face?

So...back to today. I enlisted the help of Stephen today. The last time I groomed him, it took just about 2 hours by myself. I can't say that Tucker enjoys the sound of the clippers. So much so that he snaps at them. And today, he snapped and got my finger instead. Ouch! It felt like I had slammed it in a car door!! He caught me right on the cuticle too. But even so...I got it accomplished. Throbbing finger and all. Although I'm pretty sure it would have taken me a lot longer if Stephen hadn't helped.

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