Tuesday, January 4, 2011

DIY table runner, on a budget

After putting away Christmas decorations, it always feels so bare in the house. At least at mine anyway. While decorating for the holidays, I came across a festive table runner that I had forgotten all about. Yes.....had forgotten all about when I had just purchased and used it last year. I know, pathetic...but what can I say? Moving will do that to ya.

Remember this?
The placement of the runner sort of was an accident, but I loved having something under the tv so that it wasn't just a bare cabinet underneath.

So I set out in search of an everyday option. I looked at several stores and just wasn't finding anything that appealed to me. There were lacy numbers...bleh. Stripes...again.bleh. Florals..uh uh. I'm not quite sure why it took me so long to get to my next conclusion. Why not just make my own? Oh that's right...cause

So what is a non-sew-er (it looked strange w/o the dash) to do in times like this? Turn to blogland for inspiration of course.

I've seen so many neat projects others bloggers have done using burlap, and even seen Nate Burkus endorse it on his show.That's it!

Today I set out in search of the burlap. Not knowing my way around the fabric section, I had to ask for help finding it. They had light brown, tan, white, black, sage, and hunter green. I had given thought to some green to add a little color, but really liked the natural raw look of the natural brown. But oh crap! I forgot to measure the cabinet top before I left. So I got 2 yards just in case. And thank goodness!

I had more than I needed, but 1 yard would have some up short. That just means I'll have some leftover to use on other things...yippee!

I then eyeballed about how long I wanted the sides to hang off..
And then made a cut. Of course as soon as the scissors made the first cut, I realized that I was cutting into the unwrinkled end of the burlap. Crap. I could have easily cut off the other end so that I didn't have to iron it. Oh well...ya live and learn. It was too late at that point.

After cutting off one end, I folded the material in half lengthwise to cut the width to the correct size. I'm horrible at cutting a straight line, so I wanted to lessen the length I'd have to cut. The burlap was a little hard for my scissors to cut through since it was 4 layers thick, but they also have a hard time with paper..lol. So I cut 2 layers at a time up to a point, and then followed with the same cut on the remaining layers, making sure to follow the same line as the first cut. (That made sense in my head. Hope the picture helps)

It was than time to fray the edges. Here is where I'd like to give first time users of burlap a little piece of advice. Do not sit on the floor, in dark jeans while fraying the edges of burlap. Don't say I didn't warn ya.
It gets messy. Just sayin.

But it's worth it. It has the natural look I was going for and has just enough color to be a good backdrop for other decor. Oh and it's CHEAP! At only $3.99/yard, you can't go wrong.

Oh yea, and I also bought a couple yards of burlap webbing. I had originally planned to wrap it around a few vases, but the burlap needed something a little more to go along with it. But at 79cents/yard, I can easily go back for more.

I've had this frame for only a whole year and a half, and just now filling it with pictures. I love when projects motivate me to finish others. It's sat in a box, unfilled until now. (Bought from Michael's some time last year cause I HAD to have it....yep)
On the left are 2 of 3 whiffle balls from the 99cent store covered in hot glue and jute string. I love all the ideas you can find for cheap. Decor balls can get so pricey!

On top of this thrift store book find, is a glass piece that belonged to my grandmother. On our most recent trip to Indiana for Thanksgiving, my dad got some of her things out of their storage. I didn't see a lot that I could envision using in our house, but this way too cute to pass up. In person it looks almost like lace. I had originally thought it would make a great landing place for jewelry while doing dishes.

Not bad for a little over $10 right?
The tv doesn't look so bare anymore :)
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