Tuesday, April 27, 2010

House for Rent!

It makes me sad to even type/speak those words. But it is what it is, right? There's nothing that I am able to do to change the fact that the Navy is forcing  requesting that we relocate to San Antonio. But what I can change is my attitude towards the upcoming horror adventure :) No really, I am really trying to be positive about it all. It's just taking a lot more effort than expected.

So we've filled out the paperwork for the property manager. The only thing left was to take pictures of the inside of the house to post along with the online listing. The property managers usually are the ones to come out to take said pictures, but could I REALLY let that slide? When I know that I can take MUCH better pictures than her ancient point-and-shoot. (Ok, so I don't really know what kind of camera she has, but it always looks that way in all the listings I've ever seen.) Recently a friend shared a link to a house for sell close to her that opened my eyes to a better way of presenting pictures of the interior of a house. It was clearly apparent that they had used a wide angle lens to take their pictures. It really opened up the room to give you a better look, rather than just a corner of a room!

Now my problem was that I don't own a wide angle lens. Boo! At one point in time, I had an attachment for my old camera that mimicked one, but I hadn't seen it in at least a few months. Alas...my wonderful husband  ventured out into the abyss that is known to other people as a garage, and was looking for all the military gear that he is required to return. While on the hunt, he found the attachments!! And boy did I luck out even further. It actually fit into my DSLR's lens.

With that....welcome to my humble abode.
The foyer
Living room looking into the dining room
LOVE my green kitchen! I just hope potential renters do too *crossing fingers
breakfast nook w/ pantry :)
Another love of mine....the master bathroom. Very spacious!! (above/below)
Jacuzzi tub & his and hers walk in closets. Did I say that I love this bathroom yet?

So that's a little taste of what my house looks like. I won't bore you with every single picture I took. It's probably well known that there really aren't many corners of it that I didn't take pics of. But once the listing is posted, I'll share the link here as well.

Til then, wish us luck that we find competent / responsible renters!! I'll be trusting them with my baby.

edited to add: Here's the link to the listing. I'm pretty disappointed with the lack of details about the house, but hopefully I can get them to add more. They are working for us now, afterall :)

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