Monday, June 21, 2010

When I really should be unpacking....

After a grueling 1,200 mile drive....we are now residents of San Antonio, Texas. We've been enjoying trying to learn the area, getting to know where all the stores are. I checked out the local Dollar Tree and Big Lots today. I may just live at the Dollar Tree. It's the biggest one I've been in!

Anything to avoid unpacking boxes!! We have the kitchen unpacked and organized for the most part. But I can't seem to find the motivation to start on any of the other rooms...other than one of the bathrooms. Every muscle in my body is hurting. I think it's the 3 weeks that we spent displaced from our home. Granted, it was spent in the best way possible, but, we weren't sleeping in our own beds for that long.

Before we left for the big drive, we went up to Virginia Beach to see our good friends, The Littles family. While there, Stephen found a great deal at the commissary on pork ribs, and made himself at home at their Anyone that really knows him, knows that it wasn't hard to predict. This man loves to grill.

After leaving VA, we stopped in SC to see my mom and Oscar. Tucker didn't quite know what to think of her
And then it was off to Texas. We had an 18 hour drive ahead of us. We woke up at 2:30 am and left by 3:10. It surprised the both of us that we actually left close to the intended time. While it was definitely a long drive, we seemed to do it pretty well. Tucker didn't get sick this time. (Oh yea! I forgot to mention that our dog, Tucker didn't take the drive down to SC very well. We're not sure if he ate something bad, or was just overheated. But after throwing up 3 times in the car, he finally started to feel better and was back to himself in no time.)

Concluding this post, I leave you with photos from the drive here.

Somewhere in Mississippi I believe
Somewhere around Mississippi, we started a list of the different license plates that we spotted. I took this before Mississippi spanked Alabama's But we only got to see one other plate from WA state. Brianna loved it.
Along the drive, I saw several vehicles with names of people I know. This one reminded me of my dad, Boyd.
Welcome to Texas!

Saturday, June 19, 2010

We've arrived!

Just in case you were wondering,  I'm posting this in our new residence in Texas. We left NC June 11, visited some good friends in VA for a few days, stopped in SC to see my mom for 2 days, and then drove straight through to Texas. Boy was that a long drive, but it was tolerable. We arrived around 8 or 9pm on Thursday June 17. The next day our household goods were delivered. We were SO happy to have our beds back again. After not having them for 3 weeks, it was definitely a welcomed sight!!

So, for now, we are in a house full of boxes. We accomplished most of the kitchen today. It's always a challenge to figure out a new house and where everything will go. But it will work itself out... eventually.

When I get around to uploading pictures, I will most likely have a post of just those. I didn't go overboard on the trip, but tried to capture the main parts of our road trip.

Other than a few speed bumps the first couple days, things are starting to come together. Now to just unpack some more boxes so that we can freely walk around the house ;)
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