Monday, April 19, 2010

Look out Texas, here we come!

Being a military family, we know the possibilities of having to move on to another duty station. But we thought or hoped that this time it would be different. My husband was confident that they'd let him extend here, especially since he's been a real asset to the Marines here. And with having several bases within an hour radius, it looked like it was in our favor. But I guess the Navy had other plans.

Just a week ago, Stephen got orders to San Antonio, Texas. No if's, and's or butt's, we're going. But the reason we didn't plan on wanting to move is that in July of last year, we purchased our very first house! And not only was it our first, but we had it built. We got to pick the lot it would be built on, the floorplan, the tile colors, lighting fixtures, etc.

Our name will be with the house forever. :)
And then what it looks like today.....a short 9 months after we moved in. ( I thought about moving my daughter's bike and bottle of bubbles, but they just show that it's lived in and loved. Even our dog, Tucker, was included)

While I am really taking this move the hardest of any of our previous moves, I'm starting to come to terms with it. We're going to rent out the house, and hope for the best. We're going to miss all the friends we've made here, the beach, being within driving distance of good friends in Virginia, close to my mom in South Carolina, and even within driving distance to New Jersey where Stephen's family lives. We've been fortunate to make trips to see everyone since we've lived here in North Carolina. We even made a trip down to see Stephen's mom down in Florida , on our way to Disney World. We've made many great memories at this duty station. Here's to making new ones in Texas!

Side note: I have SO many more pictures than these, but figured I'd spare

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