Thursday, July 29, 2010

Bringing back an old past time

As a young child, I used to enjoy making bracelets out of embroidery floss. I actually had no clue what a person would use that string for OTHER than making bracelets. What on earth could someone make other than for my fun?

And for the past couple years I've tried to explain them to my daughter. But she always had other craft ideas that she wanted to complete. Like painting misc. wooden pieces to put in her room. But recently some friends of ours had starting making the friendship bracelets and shared some pictures with us. Of course at that time she got interested in them.

We first went to Wal-Mart to try to find the embroidery floss. Unfortunately their craft department lacked the supplies we were looking for. I was looking for the individual skeins, but only found a couple kits prepackaged for kids. The one we came home with had 7 skeins of floss, and advertised that it came with instructions on how to make the bracelets.

Brianna made several from those, but quickly ran out of string. We replenished her supplies at Michael's. I should have know to go there instead of Wal-Mart in the first place. It sucks being new and not knowing where everything is just yet. But never fear, we came away with enough floss to make TONS of bracelets, and then

my first attempt at a chevron pattern for myself

and my latest new pattern attempt, the top bracelet is a criss-cross pattern

So for the past few days, we've been making tons and tons of bracelets. I think I may need to find a 12 step program for her... :) She's been calling all her friends to ask for their favorite colors. She's such a giving child! I love her for that!

Great deals at Goodwill!!

After making the move to Texas, we discovered that without a dresser for our bedroom, that we had a lot of clothes between my husband and I that still needed homes. Our poor old dresser didn't make the move with us. It was from Ikea and had already made a few previous moves. But slowly was starting to fall apart because of the movers.

But moving we were unpacking boxes upon boxes of clothes, I mentioned to the hubby that I wish we knew where a good local thrift store was. In an ingenious move, he googled our area and found a goodwill nearby. Good thinking!!

So we headed over and I instantly saw this gem. It wasn't a dresser, but oh so cute.
The price tag said $25.99. Not what I was expecting at all. Normally if I like something, it seems to be priced at least in the $40 range if not higher.

But it wasn't what we were there for. Just a few inches away was the only dresser that they had. This time the price tag was a little more steep. Ok a said $60!!! At a Goodwill store?? And it looked like this.....

Not much to look at. Faded white, stains, stuff running down the front, and dirt filled drawer corners. I was not impressed. It was well built and pretty solid, but it was obvious that it needed to be refinished. But with the cost of the supplies, I was NOT willing to spend that much.

Just as Stephen and I were talking back and forth about the potential that the dresser had, an employee walked by and whispered something. "If you take it today, furniture is 70% off". Did he REALLY just say that?? So the $60 dresser would be 70% off? OOooooh and the $25 table??? OMG!

We tore off the price tags from both pieces of furniture and headed for the checkout. The $60 dresser was now around $15...and the small table was just under $7! So for around the original price for the small table...we got both items! I was on a savings

Once getting the pieces home, we headed to Lowe's to get the supplies we need to refinish both of them. We decided that we'd like to paint the dresser black, and add hardware. And as for the table that we could sand it down and restain.  (I was a little hesitant about staining. It was my first time. But OH SO EASY!! wow, who knew?

Loved the stain from the beginning.
So for the finished products. I totally love them both. Thanks to my thrift store idea and Stephen's idea to go to Goodwill. We make a great money saving duo.

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