Friday, April 9, 2010

4 little monkeys jumpin on the....

Well, actually this story differs just a little. Yes there were four, but it was a trampoline instead. Since today was our last day of spring break, and we didn't have anything planned......we called up our friends to go hang out. First the kids ran off to play as my friend, Shannon, and I got to catch up a little. We then brought her kids back in to take some pictures of them in their adorable matching Easter outfits. (...To come in a later post) They did come out really cute!

So then after getting them changed into play clothes, we were beckoned outside to watch the tricks our two girls wanted to show off. One thing lead to another, and they bamboozled us into joining in on the jumping. Now I feel the need to put a disclaimer right about here. The fact that Shannon is a prior gymnast and high school cheerleader seems to help her a little in the coordination But as soon as I saw her son FLYING in the air, I knew I had to go inside to retrieve my camera. Laughter ensued!! I then mentioned that it would be cool if I got pictures of Shannon doing her back flips. And it all went downhill from there......

The kids were doing flips and toe touches. She was doing back flips. Her son was doing somersaults. So of course that meant that I had to too. *insert nervousness here. I am SO not the jumpy flippy type of person, but I attempted. I would have a picture of that had been ON while Shannon was trying the first time. And for the second try? Well the memory card was full! So we settled on getting pics of me doing my version of toe touches.

I love Brianna's excited face on this one, while you can see Shannon's concern for her son flying across

Even years later, and she still points her toes.

It may seem like such a simple way to spend an afternoon, but spent with friends it can be an afternoon we won't soon forget. Although I wouldn't mind forgetting that our bodies just can't handle the jumping as well after we've had children. And that's all I'll say about that... :)

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  1. I love ALL the photos! Your toe touches look like mine! ha-ha. It looks like you all enjoyed the nice afternoon.


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