Sunday, March 28, 2010

It's that time again

So it's winding down to the end of the spring season of soccer here in the east, and that means it's time for team soccer portraits. Each team in our league is responsible for finding a photographer to capture their team for memory sake. I've been very fortunate to have built a great word of mouth over the last couple years. The credit for that goes to all the people that have spread my name. It started with taking my daughter's first pictures, and then snowballing to needing to keep a schedule to keep them all organized. I have met so many great people doing what I do, and to get to see some of the kids grow over the years. There are a handful of kids that haven't had anyone but me to take their soccer pictures. And to me, that is a great feeling! To know that they trust me to provide them with quality portraits to remember their younger years playing the great sport of soccer.

And just because I would feel guilty for not providing any actual pictures, here are some of my daughter's soccer portraits I've taken over the years.
The first one I just took today, for the Spring 2010 season.

Fall 2009
And this last one jumps a couple years to her very first season. She was so excited to start playing. Spring 2008

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  1. It's amazing to see them all together, she's grown up so much. Love the soccer portraits!


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