Friday, April 23, 2010

Arrr! Me Hearties!

So I had planned to start this post off with some clever pirate greeting, but nothing is coming to me. Why you ask? Avast! Come gather 'round me plank me mateys as we embark on 'arr adventure. (Ok so, I wouldn't have a very promising career as a pirate..I tried.)

On to the explaination....

This week in Brianna's school has been a dress up week raising money for Relay for Life. Monday was crazy hair and sunglasses day.  I didn't think to start taking pics of any of the days...but I do have one from her last crazy hair day at last year's summer soccer camp.

So for Tuesday, it was hat day. We don't really have any crazy hats for that one. But she wore a cute pink and white striped engineer type one instead. And picture of that day...butttttt.......

an old picture from way back in 2008! How the time passes so fast!
Wednesday....purple day. (Not real sure as to the reason.)

Thursday....Wear your favorite team gear. She chose to wear her soccer jersey. I love that that was her first thought. She could have easily worn her Yankees jersey. She wore her black jersey, with blue jean shorts, and mismatched soccer yellow and one black. She laughed at herself when she checked out the outfit in the mirror. Love hearing those laughs! Love that she can laugh at being silly and just going with "it".

Now...the pièce de résistance. Friday- Dress like a pirate day. Why a pirate? It is their school mascot. Now at first, I thought back to some pirate costumes we all had quite some years back.

She's really gonna love me sharing this one! Halloween 2005
Considering that I had no clue if she still had any pieces of that costume ..I really didn't know what she would be able to wear. At first she said that she really didn't feel like dressing up like a pirate. Then remembering a black and white striped headscarf of mine.....I offered that up along with some of mom's hoop earrings. And it snowballed into me drawing a skull and crossbones onto a plain white t-shirt. All between the time of 6:30 am to 7. At least I can say that it's (These pics are actually from today. Please hold your applause until the end please. :)
Avast! Th' first mate 'n her furry shipmate

To get some of the terminology for this post, I changed the language on my Facebook account to English(pirate). It really is So entertaining!! Even so, it takes me a minute or so to really understand what it's saying. Too much thinking for me thank you. But to turn it back to English, it was just as If you'd like to try it out for yourself, go to Account > Account settings > Language tab > and then select English (Pirate). And prepare for the laughter that merry mates!


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  1. You've had me laughing...I love this blog - love these photos! I wish you would have thought to grab photo this week, I would have enjoyed seeing those.

    Checking the Pirate Facebook lingo - Awesomeness!


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