Thursday, August 12, 2010

A touch of fun

On my very first time at a Hobby Lobby store (don't judge me. I've never even seen one of these stores before moving here), Brianna and I did some shopping for some ideas I had around the house. A good friend gave me a gift card there for my birthday. And I can say it was one AWESOME idea!! She knew I'd love the store, and boy was she right! The store seemed to have so much more then Michael's. And there is so much pretty stuff that I seemed to oooh and ahhh all around the store.

First on my list was a bigger paper cutter. Once upon a time I had two, a 6in and one that I believe was 12in. But for the longest time, I haven't been able to find the larger one. So I picked up one of these, just in a different design I guess.
So then we were off to the scrapbooking paper aisle. Yes..a whole aisle! We picked up several sheets for a couple projects. We then browsed around the ENTIRE store! Looking at everything! Wanting everything! Oh, except for the fabric section. Being that I don't seemed like a real waste of time.

And that's when it happened. My daughter came across a section of vinyl wall decals. I have to admit, they were cute! We already have a couple in the house. One being in the entryway, and one in her room. So the idea of them wasn't new. Her favorite one was a chandelier. But all the walls in this house are textured. Super textured. So these decals don't stick very well. So at first I dismissed the idea and told her she couldn't get it. But all the while was trying to come up with a way we could get it. After all, it really was cute!

My first idea was to get a poster sized frame and adhere it to the outside. And what better than a 50% sale on frames! Great! That was until I walked past a stock pile of foam core. And it was a third of the price.

So on to the pictures. Not too long after getting home I started on what could be separated into 2 projects.
The first being covering small $1 canvases from Michael's with scrapbooking paper.

If only I had a boy's room to decorate.
I thought they were super cute,
 but wouldn't work in our house
Combine those with these...
And the combine white foam core with this....

(a cool vinyl wall decal w/ crystals), and you get this........

It couldn't have been simpler to cover the canvases with paper. I actually just used double sided tape. It worked wonderfully. Although they are starting to unfold a little on the backside, so I'll be going back and adding a little glue to stick the paper back down. But my daughter loves it, and that's all that matters...right?


  1. I love this project, it! We've got some really cute big flower hanging canvases in Cass' room, I should totally make them over in cute fabric to match her room!

  2. I did some canvases in the living room with fabric. Using a staple gun makes the job super easy!! Can't wait to see what you come up with.


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