Sunday, August 29, 2010

Can you spot the differences?

The idea for this post was inspired by a trip to the movie theater. As I was taking a shower to freshen up, I was trying to plan out what to wear in my head. I've been in a pretty schlumpy mood lately, with no where to really go. So I felt like dressing a little nicer than jeans and a tshirt. Just at that moment the outfit popped in my head. Oh I'll wear that outfit I wore when....blah blah....yea! That's it. Oh and I'll  make Stephen take a picture of me in it. No reason to waste a dressed up moment. Right? Oh...but wait. I had him take one the last time I wore it. Hmmm...what to do? Wait a sec! I had my hair cut since then...and I'll change it up a little. I'll post both pictures to show how important a hair cut can be to the overall look of an outfit....and how easy it would be to change one or two pieces to change the feel. Yea....that's what I'll do. :)

So without further ado....

So on the left it was pre-hair cut. (Thanks Cap'n Obvious!) My husband and I were headed out for a date night to a local comedy club. It was the first time I had put the outfit together. I'm usually an earrings and necklace type of gal. Without them, I feel naked. But this time, I couldn't come up with a suitable necklace. Insert black and white striped scarf tied similar to a man's tie. LOVE! And it wouldn't be complete if it showed at the bottom as well. So I only kept one button buttoned.
I felt fashion forward. For the moment at Some may or may not agree with me, but for the moment I was happy. So today I was wanting the same feeling. I'm usually the one out in public that wishes I looked like that woman over there. You know the one...the one that always looks so put together and polished. The one that makes you feel like a schlumpy mess.

So while I may have not uncovered a big fashion find...I feel good about it. And it's a little eery that I posed in just about the same exact pose the second time around.

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