Friday, August 20, 2010

Everyone Loves an Indiana girl

Today's internet adventure started with an e-mail from Flickr telling me that one of my contacts had uploaded new pictures. I usually don't browse around on flickr, but I make an exception when a certain contact of mine shares her pictures. You see...she lives in my home state of Indiana. And not only just in the same state, but very close to where I grew up. She takes pictures all around the countryside and shares them with the rest of the world via flickr. I can't quite recall how I came across her photostream, but I do know that I won't ever want to leave.

Stopping over to her photostream, I came across a photo that I fell instantly in love with!
She titled the picture, "Which way do I go?" As you can imagine, when the corn fields get to this height you can't see anything past the fields. I can not even start to say just how perfect this picture captures southern Indiana. I even asked her if I had per permission to save it as my computer's desktop. I added a little text and love looking at it every time I see my desktop.
Indiana's official state motto is: The Crossroads of America
After having to google the state motto, it gave me the idea to look for those funny slogan shirt that include the states. You know the ones. But the only thing was, was that I didn't ever remember seeing one made for Indiana. But after some searching I found one that I thought was cute, and that I would actually wear. (Some of them can be vulgar.)
Yep, that would be me. Only thing that I didn't agree with was the asking price. This particular one was $25, and saw a few others on another site that were even more. And that didn't include tax and shipping. I didn't need the shirt that I bad! It was then that I remembered that I still had some t-shirt transfer paper left. Now I just needed a shirt. Looking through my closet and dresser, I found one white shirt. Sadly it was not what I was wanting. It was the white shirt that I used for an undershirt. The kind that is a little bit too see through for my tastes. So off to WalMart. I found a v neck on sale for only $3! Hey that's so much better than $25!

After searching through my plethora of fonts, I was able to find the exact fonts they used for the design. And went to this site for an outline of the state. Although I did find the fonts that matched these perfectly, I chose to change the one for Indiana. Mine reminded me of Indiana University. Just seemed a little more "Indiana-like" to me.

So what do ya think?

I love it! And I didn't have to spend more that $3 and wait for it to be shipped to me. Cute and cheap! my kind of project!

Oh....if you were wondering..the fonts used were : Brody and Athletic...both were free fonts that can be found at Urban Fonts.

Oh yea..AND if you ever find yourself wondering what the countryside of southern Indiana looks like, feeling homesick, or just plain want to see some awesome pictures....head on over to Cindy's photostream. You won't be disappointed. And tell her Amber sent ya! ;)

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