Monday, August 2, 2010

Paper flowers

My latest project with Brianna came from a really great blogger, Ashley over at Little Miss Momma. I found her while blog browsing. You know..where you start off looking at one blog, then you spot something neat that takes you to someone else's blog, and so on and so on until you've wasted most of the day.

So while over at Ashley's blog, I found this tutorial for an oh-so-cute idea! She used paper flower embellishments and made a fun little arrangement. I didn't take step-by-step pictures since she had them. But I did take a picture of our final product.

It was such a fun and creative project. We loved it so much that we made another one for a friend and she loved it as well. She couldn't wait to get it home :)

Edited to add: We didn't realize at the time, but we ended up buying the same exact flowers without knowing so.

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