Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Another birthday

Well although my last birthday of my 20's just passed, this post isn't about that. This one is to celebrate our puppy, Tucker's, birthday. He turned the big ONE today. I didn't know if I wanted to post his story or not. Before having any animals, I would normally roll my eyes at the people that doted on their pets. I still try not to boast and brag, and keep my comments to a minimum. As not to bore non-pet people to tears. But I do want to share a few pics for those who would like to see them.

Last year, my dad and step-mother called to ask if they could give my daughter a puppy. You see...they breed miniature schnauzers in beautiful southern Indiana. (and of course a shameless plug for them...their site is here) We had been toying with the idea of a dog, but we both agreed that we weren't "big" dog people. As in that we wanted a small dog. Oh and no shedding. No shedding was a big requirement. This breed was perfect for what we wanted. They are small and hypoallergenic, and NO SHEDDING!! None. Whatsoever. Sweet!

My step-mom told me to go to her site to look at the new puppies that had just been born. And we fell in love........
Just look at tha' face!! We had already told them that we wanted a salt-and-pepper male. And he was the ONLY one in their next litter. All of his siblings were solid white like their mom. That's what I call fate. He was meant for us.

So they planned a road trip to bring him out to us. Without Brianna knowing, of course. We already had his name picked. So they had been calling him by it so he could start getting used to it as much as he could.

Fast forward 10 months, and he's now officially 1 year old. And still only a little over 10 pounds! When he was a puppy and everyone would ask how big he would get, we'd reply around 14 to 18 pounds. Guess he decided that was a little too much weight for We sure did get our small dog, huh?

So now to share some pics from between then and now.
The day he arrived at our house. So tiny!
One of my all time favorite pictures of him.
I have it framed in the house. :)
He's always been a curious dog.
This one reminds me of "The Dog"
Our own Bad Santa.
He went through this phase of wanting to sit in the wind let his fur blow around. Once I shared this pic with friends, a few mentioned how cool it would be for him to have a cape. So I did what every other photoshop junkie would do...... I added one of course.

So as for today, I didn't plan to do a whole lot. We bought him some new toys to replace all the ones he's torn up. And at the last minute I decided to make a party hat just for pictures. He was OH so thrilled!
I call this one
"It's my party and I'll cry if I want to"
What he really thought of the hat
"You're putting these on your blog aren't you?"
Happy 1st Birthday to our Tucker. aka Puppy Rabbit ....cause he tends to be a little hoppy :)

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  1. Happy 1st to Tucker! What a snazzy birthday hat you have there!!


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