Monday, August 16, 2010

Something old, something new

While I was driving one day....when we lived in NC.....I spotted an antique store with some old windows propped against the building. On my way home, I envisioned having a couple of them hanging on my bedroom as wall art. Of course I had it all mapped out in my head.

Almost a year passed by, and I still hadn't gone back to get the windows. I kept telling myself that they had a ton of them, and that they'd still be there when I was ready to get them. Even though I thought about them ALL the time.

I really loved the idea of having something unexpected on the wall. And to reuse something that had been overlooked by a lot of people.

And out of no where, my husband got orders here to Texas.  WHAT?? And leave the store that has the cool old windows???? What if I can't find a place that has them in Texas? I would be crushed! So 2 days before the moving company came to pack up our house I finally went back to that store. Looking at them up close, I fell even more in love. Although I had misjudged how big they were. From the road they looked small enough to have 2 on the wall. But in reality one was enough.

So it got packed up and moved here with us. I hadn't found the right place for it just yet. But I unearthed it from the landfill I call our garage, and saved it from the cobwebs that would have eventually found it.

And it just so happens that I had a wall decal that I hadn't used yet, that would fit perfectly in our room. But didn't want to put on the wall. And then it hit me......put the decal on the window and then hang it in our bedroom!! That works for me. While working on it , I got more and more excited. My vision of having an old window frame hanging on one of my walls was coming closer to being true.

I hammered on some picture hanging saw tooth thingys ( I don't really know the name of them and am being too lazy to google, adhered the decal after cutting it to fit each pane of the window, and hung it on the wall. 

I love the chipped paint, the random rope hanging from the left side, and the rusty metal closure. All of which give the piece it's character.

To finish off the look, I added a couple 99 cent store frames with pictures of the husband and I. They started off as "framed art". I measured the opening of the mat and printed out 2 pictures of us that my friend had taken of us. I then disassembled the cardboard back and masking tape to remove their art, and replaced it with our lovely faces. And re-taped the back on.  In my opinion, they don't look like $1 frames.

                                                                   Before and After:

And on top, I added my recent silhouette frame of us as well. I can't wait for the hubby to see it when he gets home from work. When he left this morning, only the window was up.

Lesson? Stop to see the beauty in things.....w/o having to refinish them. Sometimes leaving things as they are helps you to find the true beauty and appreciate them for what they are. An old, cool, discarded window art piece.

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