Tuesday, September 28, 2010

"Healthified" Pumpkin Bread

I have to admit even after seeing all the fall posts all over blog-land, that I have not been able to get into a fall mood recently. We live in Texas and it's no where close to being fall weather quite yet. (Although the last couple mornings have been a LITTLE cooler, it quickly warms up by noon.) But it all started when we had a bunch of bananas go bad.

And what else do you make when you have an abundance of overripe bananas? MAKE BANANA BREAD!!

Oh it was so delicious. I used this recipe from All Recipes.com.
But it really wasn't what finally put me in the mood for fall.

It was Andrea's Healthified Pumpkin Bread that did me in. Oh boy did it!

I had remembered seeing her post about the recipe on her blog, but at the time I didn't really see myself making anything "healthified". Which due to some recent back and forth healthy debating, I feel obligated to mention that in no way does she claim that it is "healthy". It's just been modified in a way to use ingredients that cut down on some of the "yucky for you" stuff. (Can you tell that was in my own words?? I'm sure she could do better at explaining)

ANYwho.....I decided to make it today! We had most of the ingredients already, so that was already a plus. A quick trip to the grocery store was in order for the can of pumpkin and whole wheat flour.

Before doing a single thing this morning, I started on  the recipe. I let it bake for 50 minutes instead of the hour / hour and a half that was in the instructions. And that was only because my banana bread had cooked in about that time the day before.

Cue the angels!!

How do you like my makeshift cooling rack?
It's the rack that goes inside of my microwave,
on top of 4 cans of corn. Does it make any more
sense if I mention that I'm not usually a baker??
Ok so you caught me. So I sprinkled some powdered sugar
on top of some healthified pumpkin bread?? Don't judge me!

So far I have managed to ONLY eat 3 slices. Hey! That leaps and bounds better than I did with the banana bread the day before. Oh and I also have to share that this is the very first baking venture that came cleanly out of the container on the first try!! It's the small things people! No matter how well I grease cake pans, muffin tins, and now loaf pans......my food always sticks. Not today baby!!

Whooo Hoo!!

Total random sidenote...Blogger spell check highlighted
Whooo for being misspelled but didn't get Hoo????

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  1. Love the photos, love the post, love that you tried the recipe and liked it! I'm still laughing...


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