Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Missing the beach

After having lived within 15 minutes of the beach, living in southern Texas has made me miss it terribly. Not that we went too frequently while we were still in North Carolina, but we had the option. Having it taken away sucks!

So when I saw some bags of shells at my local Goodwill I knew that I wanted to finally have a piece of the beach in my house. You see....I've always liked beach themed decor. The clean modern kind of course (sorry no lighthouses for me), but never thought it would fit in with the rest of my decor. So ironically never tried it when I could find anything my heart desired close by. I waited until Texas. And as I was walking around, I came across a couple glass pieces that I thought together would make a nice place to display the shells I had just found.

You see, a while back I came across a genius party planner, Michelle from Maddycakes Muse. And one neat trick that she had shared for easy party food displays was to use gorilla glue to adhere various glass objects together to create stands. I don't normally have a need for food displays, but knew that some day I would find an opportunity to use the same technique.

Start with these materials:

*large glass vase
*glass candle holder
*gorilla glue
and something heavy to hold the glass pieces together (in my case it was a couple books)

Once putting the glue onto the wider part of the candle holder, I turned the vase upside down on the table and placed the candle holder glue side down in the center of the vase bottom. Then placed a couple heavy books on top to help strengthen the glue's hold.

Let that sit for a couple hours to really get a good bond. To me that's the hardest part. I am SO the type of person that wants instant results. INSTANT I say! But I was good and left it alone.

I have to say that this glue is the bomb-diggity! (Yes, I know no one really says that anymore, but it was the first thing that came to mind) It has a very strong bond and isn't hard to use.

So here's a quick after shot, after filling it with the shells. It isn't quite complete just yet, as I would like to fancy it up just a little more. Just don't know with what just yet. But for now, I am in love!

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