Tuesday, September 7, 2010

All in due time

I've done a few projects since my last post. They involved a few blank tshirts for my daughter, a small white decorative urn, and some glass pieces. Not put all together of course!

But right now I'm on borrowed time. (Even though I'm not EXACTLY sure what that means....lol) Our family will be airborne soon. We are going up to the Jersey Shore with my husband's family for their annual beach trip. And no...it's not THAT Jersey shore. ;) And that means I need to get my butt into gear packing for everyone. Why do women need SO MUCH STUFF when we leave the house for longer than a day? There's clothes, socks, unmentionables, makeup, hair brush, toothbrush, toothpaste, deodorant, shampoo, conditioner, hair dryer, hair flat iron, several pairs of shoes, bathing suits...and the list goes on. Too many to mention!! And yet my husband could most likely pack his belongings in a backpack. So frustrating.

But the most frustrating about it all is that ALL of the above mentioned has to still be used the morning you leave. So it can't actually all be packed up, ready and waiting for your departure. It's always a last minute pack job hoping you don't forget any of the absolute necessities.

Oh...and I forgot to mention that since living on the East Coast for the past 4 years, we haven't had to fly to see any relatives. It's been nice. I'm not afraid of flying....we used to have to fly all the time when we lived in WA state. But it's been so long and haven't had to experience all the extra baggage costs. I'm dreading it!

Ugghh....so that was my soap box rant for the moment. So when I return from our weekend trip, I promise to get posting about those recent projects. Until then...how do get yourself and family packed for a trip? Any helpful suggestions to make things a little smoother?

And just because I REFUSE to let you go without any pictures....I give you a couple Jersey hot bodies!!

                                     And a little cutie running off the food snatching seagulls....
                                                Both taken on our last trip in 2008.

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