Friday, September 17, 2010

A week in the life Fridays (Sept 13-17, 2010)

(flying home from a weekend trip to NJ)

(came home to see that the bulk pickup that our neighborhood
was told about had still not happened, and our whole neighborhood
looks a lot like this)
this is not my house btw :)

(after seeing much of what everyone was getting rid of, I
drove by and picked up a few things. One of which will hopefully
soon be made into something for my wall)

(walking up to my daughter's school as I do every day,
I spotted a van from Radio Disney and only had my cell phone)

(the more I think about it.... in order to get this posted on Friday,
I think I'm going to omit a picture for Fridays. I'm only on week 2 and
already close to forgetting to take at least one picture per So
my weeks will only include Mon-Thurs from now on.)

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