Wednesday, December 14, 2011

ahhhhh it's Justin Bieber!!!

Justin Bieber has been everywhere lately. He's been on the Disney channel, at the Rockefeller Tree lighting, and even in music videos with Mariah Carey. I know this because my daughter seems to have an uncontrollable urge to squeal at the very mention of his name. *rolling my eyes*
All that to introduce you to the most recent shirt I made for her. I heart JB.

It started out as a simple plain purple shirt costing a whopping ONE dolla! the Dollar Tree.
                                                                       LOVE it!

Then using the Silhouette Studio and my Silhouette SD, I cut the letters from white smooth heat transfer material. And the heart from smooth dark pink.
The font I used for the letters is Base 02 from It was by far the most intricate font that I've cut. But it worked perfectly! I absolutely love the fact that everything stays in it's place on the transfer sheet. I would have never been able to keep all the little splatter pieces if it wasn't for that fact.

While we're on the subject of's another Dollar Tree transformation.

She had recently picked up these fuzzy pajama pants at WalMart with some birthday money. But was bummed when she couldn't find a matching shirt. So I did what any other frugal mom would do, and made one :) To get the bow to match I placed her pants on the scanner and literally scanned them. Using photoshop, I traced the bow and created my own shape inside of Silhouette, using the trace method. And then dressed it up with some white zebra stripes around the bow. I used the same color heat transfer material as the Justin Bieber shirt.

So I there a rehab group for tshirt makers anonymous? Cause if so, I may need to attend a meeting or two!

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