Saturday, May 22, 2010


I recently noticed that I haven't had a post in a while. But so much has been going on, that I guess blog-land hasn't seemed to be on the top of my priority list. So instead of a super long novel, with the boring details of what has happened around here in the last couple weeks, I'll simply put them all in a list. Of course with a few pics here and there ;)

- drove up to VA Beach to see our friends, the Littles family to celebrate Mother's Day

taken by Lissa as a Mother's Day present for a few special women
-the following weekend, we hosted them at our house for the first time in our new house. We made a trip to the beach for a few hours before coming back to take turns taking family pictures of each other.( It's pretty much a tradition!)

- busy with taking baseball and softball team pictures. and getting those delivered
- car troubles
- met with a salesman to replace our countertops
- procrastinated because I didn't want to clean out the garage
- finally cleaned out said garage in preparation of our movers coming next week :(
- ran my battery down by listening to music while cleaning out the garage, and had to have a mechanic come  to charge it up. Stephen's car didn't have enough juice evidently!
- had our going away party at the beach

- Thompson water-sealed our back deck along with planting grass seed
- picked out the granite sample that will eventually be in our kitchen (you're welcome tenants!! They are      
   installing the new tops the Saturday AFTER our movers take our household goods. The first time I clean  
   them will be to get the house cleaned for the lucky roommates that will be renting. grrrr!
- ummm.....oh. bought a garbage disposal to be installed along with the countertops. Again...You are
    welcome tenants. We would have loved to have had one of those the past 9 months.
- finally had an electrician sent to wire a switch for even the possibility for having a disposal. We've only
    asked for around 7 months ago for that too. If nothing else, our builder is consistent. Consistent in not  
    getting ANYTHING done for us until the VERY last minute.
-Oh....I forgot, throw a sleepover for Briana somewhere in that mix

So, you can see...while I have been super busy, for the most part, most of it was pretty boring. Just time consuming.
We are close to starting a countdown before we have to be out of our house. We're lucky enough to have some awesome friends that offered to let us stay with them until the end of school, June 10. Without them, we'd be "up a creek". It's such a blessing to have such great friends!

And on that note, we are going to miss all the friends we've made here, being so close to beautiful beaches, and the feeling of a small town. But I am also looking forward to having more family activities close by. When life gives you lemons.....well you know the rest. So if you're ever down in San Antonio, come by for a big glass of lemonade. (Ok so it may just have to be sweet tea, not a big fan of the yellow stuff ;)


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