Tuesday, May 4, 2010

2 Weeks

In preparation for Stephen's next duty station, he is required to attend a 2 week school in Virginia. I guess the objective of said school is to teach him HOW to teach. Yea, it doesn't make much sense to me either. It's not just you :)

So the time had come for him to leave this past Sunday. (Yes it's Tues right now. I'm always behind.) It's a four hour drive up there, and he had to report early Monday morning. So after he finished packing up all of his stuff, we decided to go out to eat with him at IHOP before he left.

                                                      waiting outside for our table
                          and then my meager attempt at a group shot out in the parking lot

Since we were already out in town, I decided that it would be cool to stop at the Dollar Tree to try out a craft project that I found on The How-To Gal. I stumbled across her blog while stuck in blog-zone. That's what I call the time when you check out a friend's blog, that has a link to another blog, and another, and another. 'Til you have so many blogs open that you can't keep them straight anymore....lol.

Anywho.....I found some of the exact same supplies, but had to improvise with a couple. I found most of them at my local Dollar Tree. And the others, I found at WalMart. The only things I bought that weren't $1 each were the spray paint and the E-600 glue. (I don't do enough "projects" to have these already lying around.)

                                bead necklaces, decorative bird, small easel stands, mirror,
                                    wooden plaque, E-600, and Ivy Green spray paint.

Looking through all of the spray paint colors at WalMart, I had hoped to find a Robin's Egg Blue, but didn't have much luck. Although after thinking about it, that color wouldn't really fit into my house anyway. I then found Ivy Green. It was fate. It's my signature color, as a good friend has pointed out to me :)

                    at this point, I started to feel like I had more paint on me
                            than on the intended subjects
 And finally, the finished product.....after letting the paint dry, gluing the pieces together, and then pain-stakingly waiting for the glue to harden. Although I'm not the most patient. I want results NOW!
Now to find the perfect spot for it to sit. This was just the cleanest spot that I could find at the time. Ooops.

Before I go, I forgot to mention Brianna's project as well. While at WalMart, she mentioned that she wanted something to paint too. We found an unfinished photo cube. She picked the colors, where she wanted them, and the design. And off she went.

So the next step was to find pictures to print. Of course, it's such a pity that I only have THOUSANDS to choose from. How ever would we choose?..lol. We talked about it and decided that it had enough slots for each of us and Tucker as well. Here's the finished product. She loves it and I couldn't be any prouder.
                              Oh and did I forget to mention that it spins? How cool!

(Sorry for the insane amount of pictures. I can't help myself when I get on a roll...lol. Remember the thousands of pictures? Yea!..lol)


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