Friday, March 11, 2011

Want a free movie??

Are you a movie buff? Watch a lot of movies? Then it's safe to say that you may have already known about the awesome-ness that is
But just in case you've been under a rock....I've got a great deal for you! Clicking here will take you to a special link that RedBox helped me create. If you click on the link and it's your first time renting online, they'll give you a free one-night online rental credit. And I'll get a free rental each time you rent via my link through 3/17/11.

Reserving movies online is the way to go! Putting in your zip code will pull up a list of all of the kiosks local to you. Once you select the one you'd like to go to, you can then view the movies that are currently available at that location. As you are confirming your reservation, they then ask for your credit card information to hold the DVD for you to pick up. Your card is not charged until you go to the kiosk to receive the DVD. But don't forget the card you used.  At the redbox, touch "Online Reservation Pickup," swipe your credit card and go!

What are you waiting for?? The movies await!!

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