Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Missing: a true fall scene

Growing up, I lived in several small towns in southern Indiana. Where there are four distinct seasons. Summer, fall, winter, and spring. Some seasons I liked more than others. But looking back, I took them for granted. Isn't that usually how it is when you have something around year after year, without fail?

After meeting my husband, and getting to move around several times in the last 7+ years, I look back and miss the days of driving through the Indiana countryside in awe of all the beautiful fall colors. Each season has it's own splendor, but the turning of leaves that comes in autumn has been missing from my life for quite some time now. And it didn't really bother me much until recently.

You see, we first moved to Washington state. In the area we lived, we did have the four seasons. It's just that when fall came around we only got a little bit of color. But if you've never been there, there are a TON of evergreen trees. Shoot, that's the state motto, The Evergreen State. So with all those around, there wasn't a lot of room for fall colors.

Next we were off to Connecticut. And I've heard many stories of New England fall colors. That none could compare. We lived there for a long short 6 months....mostly all in the deep of winter!! From early December to May. So no such luck there!

North Carolina was next. Everything there pretty much just died and whithered away. Or so it seemed. We had a very small window of maybe a week that we could see SOME trees changing. But again, as with WA state, there were a lot of pine and evergreen trees around. Can you see a pattern here?

Now that we are in central Texas, I'm becoming homesick for a REAL autumn season. So these will just have to do for the time being.

Image source
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Who could resist such beauty??

And lastly, a scene that reminds me of something I was very likely to see. More than not, my dad would be out in his little fishing boat on the lake, chasing "the one that got away". Oh the stories he could tell.
image source
Some day I will make it back for the heart of the autumn splendor. I just hope it's not too far off.

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